Lego Fall guys

I made a Lego Fall Guys stop-motion film and posted it on my YouTube channel. I also posted the film on Twitter and it was retweeted by The Fall Guys Twitter account. The film is a Lego Animated version of the Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout level called “Doordash”. Watch the animation on my YouTube-channel:

Lego Fall guys animation.

I made a behind the scenes so you can see how I made it. It took me over 3 weeks to make the film, including building, animating and editing. I made 8 custom Lego Fall Guys characters by drawing iconic Fall Guys eyes on white minifigure heads. I also made a pizza skin I hope Fall Guys will include it in the game in the future. Behind the scenes – Making the Lego Fall Guys – watch it on my YouTube-channel:

Behind the scenes: Making of the Lego fall guys.