Making the movie Legovison Song Contest (Lego Melody Grand Prix)

Legovision song
Legovision song contest – click on the picture to see the movie

This lego movie is about a  Lego song contest. I was inspired to make this after I had been on a song competition similar to Eurovision song contest.

In this movie I have used four out of Alvvat’s songs. Three songs are competing in the song contest.

The songs are:

This movie is a stop motion animation film. First I had to make the scenes. It didn’t take so long time, but it was time consuming to put the audience in place.

I took between 650 and 850 pictures when I was making the movie. While I was directing the scenes with the Lego man who sings the song “SunnyWalk”, I got an idea. I wanted it to look as if he was singing for real so I switched his head every time I took a picture. And it really looks like as if he is singing for real.

I have edited this film with Final Cut Pro tools. Before I started to edit stop motion films with Final Cut Pro, I used Windows Movie Maker, but it crashed if I had more than 500 pictures and music.

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